What I do

The design process can be overwhelming

so I take my role as a leader in this journey as seriously as my creativity. No matter what stage in life or size of your project, I am committed to guiding you through the process with confidence and understanding. My job is to make you excited and at ease every step of the way, whether it’s a full scale remodel or a simple makeover.

I pride myself on being a full-service interior design agency that is collaborative, responsive and a true partner in the process. I have a proven portfolio of relationships and projects that showcase my ability to not only create beautiful spaces, but work seamlessly with architects and builders. From selecting architectural details and finishes, to designing a functional, beautiful space with furniture, fabrics and accessories, I am here to bring your style to life taking care of The Rest.

In order to keep the integrity of my business, my services are specifically offered in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Corona del Mar and Balboa Island.


How I work


Contact The Rest Design. I like a simple convo over the phone prior to setting up a consultation. During this phone call and initial consultation we will discuss the details of your project and determine how I can help bring your space to life. 


You will receive a design agreement where we specify the scope of work. Upon approval, I will set up a shared site in my design program Ivy.co where you can approve and review all Contracts, Invoices, Proposals, etc.


After measurements have been taken and I have all of your information including inspiration photos, Pinterest boards, etc. We will begin designing your space. First we start with the layout. Then we bring the layout to life with design boards. You’ll receive specifications of decorative material, fixture, flooring, paint, furniture, lighting, window treatments, appliances, etc. This will include options for color palettes, furnishings, fixtures, etc.


Once all the details are chosen we will begin execution. This can include all ordering, installation and styling of your space. On larger scale jobs, this could also include construction and coordination and overall project management.